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Jessie + Justin

The Grandview Wedding

Shooting Jessie and Justin’s winter wonderland wedding at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie, NY was a memorable experience. Imagine inspired décor, winter-wedding cheer and a super-fun couple who braved the cold in the name of love. Perfection.

The two Js met at a Halloween party in 2011. On this day, people normally watch horror films, play trick or treat, or visit haunted houses. Some, however, meet the love of their life. That night they chatted non-stop and ended up exchanging phone numbers. After spending a few weeks getting to know each other, Justin asked Jessie out amidst snowflakes and holiday cheer on December 10, 2011.

They loved getting to know each other, from their international travels, to quiet nights drinking wine and playing board games in their cozy apartment.

When Justin found out that Jessie’s favorite place was New Paltz, New York, he knew this was the only spot in the world to propose to his sweetheart. So he did… on the top of Lake Minnewaska, on a rainy day. Justin told Jessie how happy she makes him, and asked her if she would make him this happy for the rest of his life by agreeing to marry him.  She said yes, and the rest is history.

They had only been engaged for 24 hours when they found their wedding venue. Jessie took her fiancé to a restaurant near New Paltz for a nice meal. After enjoying a delicious meal and watching the sun set over the Mid-Hudson Bridge, they noticed a reception hall right next door! They casually walked inside and immediately fell in love. The following weekend, Jessie's mom drove them to see the venue one more time, and they were treated with the first snowflakes of the season. They knew this was a sign that this was the perfect place for their winter wonderland wedding to take place, on their 5-year anniversary, 

On their 5th anniversary, Jessie and Justin said their “I do’s” at the luxurious Grandview Ballroom in Poughkeepsie. The day before the wedding, I met the couple at Minnewaska Lake and we took photos by the spot where Justin proposed. The scenery was out of this world and made the ideal backdrop for meaningful photos.

The creativity of Jessie and Justin was impressive. Justin, who wanted to add a special twist to the wedding, suggested that their first look photographs be taken at the train station (you might be surprised, but it actually proved to be quite a romantic setting). At one point, Jessie, who was wearing a puffy princess gown, decided to jump into the trunk so she could get in and out the vehicle easier as we were all in a rush to catch the train. There was never a dull moment.

I feel so lucky to have been the one to photograph this really special couple.  I was touched by how welcoming all your family and friends were.  Jessie and Justin, thank you for trusting me to document it all!

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