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Wedding Photographer The River Café
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A wedding in The River Café

Kyle + Ron

The River Café Wedding

Love knows no boundaries, culture, race or religion. It hits you like a cool breeze on a torrid summer night, and you embrace it completely, because somehow things happen exactly as they are meant to. 

I witnessed and captured this kind of love in the cozy and chic atmosphere of The River Café in Brooklyn where Ron and Kyle finally said “yes” after 13 years of being together. Inspired by their many travels around the world, Kyle and Ron went for an original travel-themed wedding.  They encouraged their guests to doll up for the event as if they were embarking on a glamorous trip. By getting to know so many different cultures, people, and life stories during their many travels, the two learned to appreciate life even more, and understood the true meaning of happiness. 

The grooms’ strong bond despite their completely different backgrounds, ethnicities and age brackets is fascinating. But, even if they were born on different sides of the globe, fate wanted them to eventually find each other and experience pure love. So they met. Throughout the past 13 years, one way or another, they worked out all the issues, one by one. And from those experiences, they feel confident that they will be able handle whatever comes their way. 

Today their relationship is more solid than ever. 

Since they both call New York their home, Kyle and Ron chose a gorgeous location for their memorable day. Blending classic sophistication with effortless elegance, the beautiful River Café, nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge, boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. 

I photographed them throughout the wedding day, starting with them getting ready together at home.  I could not help but notice how much love these two excude. It was a day filled with a variety of emotions: excitement, fun (their playful, humor is intoxicating), nostalgia, and pure joy were some of the feelings my camera captured. I loved every second of it. 

One of the sweetest highlights of their same-sex wedding was the 6-layer rainbow wedding cake (travel-themed, bien sûr) which looked, smelled, and tasted divinely.

To get a feel of Kyle and Ron's special “day trip” check out their wedding photos above!   I had a blast documenting this fun day, and thank them for taking me along for the ride. Kyle and Ron, I'm honored to be chosen by such creative individuals to capture your most precious day.  Thank you!

Floral Design: Van Vliet and Trap
Groom's Attire: Paul Smith
Groom's Shoes: Pierre Hardy
Musicians/Band/DJ: Nick w/ Elan Artisits
Cake: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes
Catering: River Cafe
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