The Vieux Port Steakhouse  Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography The Vieux Port Steakhouse
Wedding Photographer The Vieux Port Steakhouse
Wedding photos in The Vieux Port Steakhouse
A wedding in The Vieux Port Steakhouse

Rong + Karol

The Vieux Port Steakhouse Wedding

Rong and Karol met three years ago on a ski trip and they’ve been an item ever since.

Rong is Chinese, and a convinced vegetarian working in marketing, while Karol is Canadian of Polish descent and an omnivore skydiver who works in finance. However, no matter how different their backgrounds may be, they are like copy and paste together. They both live by the same motto: “life is all about experience” which made them experience a lot of crazy beautiful things so far.

Skydiving in Arizona (Karol is a pro having done it over 400 times!), reaching the Kilimanjaro summit and watching Aurora Borealis in Alaska are only a few of the exciting things they did in the past three years, but they are sure the best is yet to come. 

As they say, some want a comfortable life, others a fulfilling one. Rong and Karol are both looking to live an interesting one. 

After an intimate ceremony at the Birks Chapel and some alone time to take photos at the World Trade Center (that French fountain is out of this world!), the reception brought everyone to possibly the best steakhouse in Montreal. Located in a century-old structure, Vieux Port Steakhouse is a historic gem that offers an airy and inviting ambiance with its majestic details, brick and stone walls and high ceilings. I won’t mention the food just because I am writing this before lunch. Ok, I will. It was out of this world delicious. 

Rong opted for a simple white dress with an open back. If you are a bride-to-be with a passion for minimalism, you will love her outfit. Since this was a winter wedding in Montreal, she layered her gown with a stylish fur cape in the same color as Karol's bow tie. Talk about style sense. 

Now that Rong and Karl have each other, I hope they enjoy every second of their life together. After all, this is the most exciting adventure they will ever get to experience. 

A huge thank you to Rong and Karol for choosing me and trusting my vision to capture this really special celebration. 

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