Trump National Golf Club (Bedminster) Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Trump National Golf Club (Bedminster)
Wedding Photographer Trump National Golf Club (Bedminster)
Wedding photos in Trump National Golf Club (Bedminster)
A wedding in Trump National Golf Club (Bedminster)

Tina + Steve

Trump National Golf Club (Bedminster) Wedding

At Tina and Steve’s wedding I had the chance to see a beautiful family gathering (Steve has lots of brothers who were all ecstatic on their sibling’s big day), while Tina's own kids provided enthusiastic cheer, looking really happy to see their radiant mom get married.

With a lush floral arch on the background, the couple’s ceremony was officiated by none other than NFL sportscaster James Brown at the superb Bedminster Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.  I could not help but notice images of Trump himself all over the place but hey, we were practically in one of his many “homes”, right?

Located in the heart of Somerset County, just 45 minutes from Manhattan, the Golf Club with its more than 500 acres of historic farmland was the perfect backdrop for this special event. The outdoor area looked romantic at sunset, while the refined and elegant clubhouse, a renovated 1930’s Georgian Manor, accommodated the guests in the most intimate way.

Tina wore a show-stopping wedding gown with embroidered bodice that flattered her silhouette and Steve… only had eyes for her (totally understandable!). During the reception, Steven’s dance with Tina’s children enchanted the audience, creating a cozy family atmosphere. As it also happened to be the birthday of Tina’s daughter, the couple wanted to celebrate the event with a special cake for the little one.

Tina and Steve: I was honroed to be a part of your big day.  Great times, tons of smiles, and genuine fun night night that you can check out above. 

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