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Wedding Photography Tribeca Rooftop
Wedding Photographer Tribeca Rooftop
Wedding photos in Tribeca Rooftop
A wedding in Tribeca Rooftop

Christina + Wayne

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding Photographer

Tribeca Rooftop, if you think I could ever get bored of this epic New York venue, then think again. You see, even if I happen to shoot several weddings at Tribeca Rooftop, the people, light, décor and weather always change. Each of these elements dramatically influences the final result, and Wayne and Christina’s wedding day was a brand new challenge that kept me creatively engaged. No two weddings are the same, just like no two couples are the same. I love my job!

This couple’s story began eight years ago, when they first met. After five harmonious years, Christina and Wayne decided it was time to become a family. He popped the question, she said YES!,  and here I was shooting their fun and colorful party. 

Getting married in Tribeca was the obvious choice for them. Since they met in Tribeca and got engaged in Tribeca, this neighborhood held huge sentimental value to them. And so the Tribeca Rooftop it was. 

Their Chinese-Carribean families and guests must be one of the coolest gangs I ever got to shoot at a wedding. There was so much humor, laughter and genuine lightheartedness, it was infectious (in fact, my jaws did hurt a little the following day).  Not sure if the atmosphere had anything to do with the fact that the wedding was celebrated on the same day as the Mid-Autumn Festival when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, I just know everyone had a fantastic time.

Christina wore a gracious mermaid dress during the ceremony, but swapped it later on for a charming white jumpsuit that allowed her to rock the dancefloor. Wayne added a strong touch of color and donned a blue suit that he matched with red socks. They looked perfect together!

What I find so special about weddings is that they bring out something in people that you do not normally encounter in everyday life. There is an amazing amount of vulnerability and openness, and the emotions are at their rawest and purest, which is quite inaccessible at any other point in people’s lives. This is what I most love to capture, and every second of it is priceless. 

My greatest hope for couples on their wedding day is that they enjoy it to the fullest, together. Needless to say, Christina and Wayne did exactly that, and as a photographer, what else could I possibly need?  I will now leave you to Christina and Wayne’s wedding photos...

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