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Tayana + Peter

View On The Hudson Wedding

Sometimes my couples’ love stories are more exciting than the shows on TV.  Let me explain.

The nightmare of every driver proved to be the biggest blessing for these two lovebirds. You see, Tayana and Peter met in a near car accident in Bronxville, NY. 

Peter was backing out of his parking spot when Tayana nearly crashed into him. He chased her up to the traffic light to confront her, but instead felt an instant spark when he set eyes on her. The spark was reciprocal.  Regardless, they drove their separate ways while destiny was planning the next move. Twenty minutes later Peter noticed her car again, this time parked on the next block. He simply listened to his heart and left his business card on her windshield. In turn, she texted him an hour later. Ta-daah! That night they had their first conversation. Two weeks later they went on their first date. Three years from the day they met Peter proposed to Tayana at the site of their first encounter, at the exact time they met. She may have come into his life by accident, but she stayed on purpose and he was going to make her his forever.

Back to the wedding, one of the things Tayana was most excited about was the first look wedding photos. And she knew exactly why. She completely mesmerized Peter showing up in her delicious tiered wedding gown with beaded bodice. They speak a thousand words of love, surprise and excitement at the same time. Priceless.

While the romantic setting added extra sweetness to their outdoor ceremony thanks to manicured landscaping and spectacular views of the Hudson River, the opulent ballroom with high ceilings and classy chandeliers made their reception feel nothing less than magical. The View on the Hudson offered uninterrupted views of the breathtaking surroundings, impeccable service and mouthwatering food exceeding everyone’s expectations. 

Tayana and Peter found each other without even looking, which makes destiny even more extraordinary. I loved every moment of their big day, and their wedding photos will prove that my camera inevitably fell in love with them. 

The moral of this story: never stop dreaming about true love, guys!  It may be just around the corner (or your nearest parking lot).

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