Viola + Michael

Skazka Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

In the morning, as we were scouting the venue for their wedding, we surprisingly bumped into Viola and her dad. They stopped by to check on the table arrangements for the night. And after they were done talking to the manager, Viola's dad turned to us and told us he has been waiting his whole life for this day. Seeing and hearing his excitement for this day served as extra motivation for us to take amazing wedding photos and not let their family down.

In the house, it was such a joyous morning with Viola. Her dad was singing to the Beatles, and her mom was overjoyed with excitement. And the way Viola was glowing made the entire day so much fun to shoot. The day got exciting as we traveled with Viola + Mike to Coney Island for some photos at the amusement park. This was our first time experiencing a Russian wedding, and their reception was very memorable with large portions of delicious food coming out non-stop and live music and dancing all night long. Viola + Mike: You guys are beautiful both inside & out :) What a joy it was to share your day with you and your amazing families. It was such a pleasure to see you both smile the whole day and have so much fun with everyone.

Ceremony + Reception: Skazka Restaurant
Dress: Vera Wang/Mark In Gram Atelier
Headpiece: Serephine
Suit: Banana Republic
Cake: Baku Bakery
Hair/Makeup: Susan Ayyad

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