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Lincy + Preston

VIP Country Club Wedding

Relationships are always stronger when you are best friends first, and a couple second. This would briefly sum up the story of Lincy and Preston who got married at the VIP Country Club, one of Westchester's premier waterfront wedding venues.

They both like to joke about how they subtly started flirting with each other after meeting in college and being friends for many years. Lincy insists that Preston would ask her out twice a month. As far as he is concerned, she just likes to exaggerate as it only happened once or twice a year. Truth is, since they were great friends, Lincy feared that dating would ruin their relationship. She took the chance, though. And today she couldn’t be happier about that decision!

Lincy & Preston had a beautiful Christian-Indian wedding ceremony with lots of priests, an emotional bride during the tying of the thaali (the Indian equivalent of the Western exchange of rings) and an excited groom watching his beautiful lady walk down the aisle. 

The highlight of the night was Preston doing a surprise Bruno Mars performance to Uptown Funk meant to impress his wife and the guests (and it was a huge success). Another great moment was when everyone lit up candles (which should have been sparklers according to Lincy, but the effect was great nonetheless).

Lincy and Preston did the almost impossible, they pulled of a wedding with over 500 people and made it feel intimate.  Lincy and Preston, thank you for welcoming me so openly, and I'm grateful to have been asked to photograph you during this important time in your lives.  You can view some of my favorite photos above.  

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