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Enrique + Talia

Yale Club Weddings Wedding

This is a story about online dating, penguins and a highly romantic groom. This summer I had the great pleasure of photographing Talia and Enrique‘s wedding at the prestigious Yale Club in Manhattan, but before I go into details, let me tell you how they met and how awesome their engagement was.

Talia and Enrique met online (apparently two dating apps gave them as a perfect match). They went on a three-hour first date, and became an item right away. Those algorithms actually work! 

Two years later, Enrique planned a surprise trip for Talia, and the lady had no clue she was about to get a sparkler on her finger that day. Knowing her immense love for the African penguin, he took Talia to the Long Island Aquarium where the staff organized a “special penguin training session” just for them. At one point, a penguin runs into the room wearing a bowtie that said “Marry Me?”. Enrique got on one knee, held his speech and asked Talia to marry him. Just how blown away do you think she was? Enrique’s orchestration had been a success and his detailed planning paid off: Talia said yes to a life together.

Their highly personalized ceremony took place at the impressive Marble Collegiate Church. Among the highlights there was Enrique’s fantastic piano performance that gave a Carnegie Hall touch to the event and their hilarious vows (he solemnly promised her foot rubs and hairball removal from the shower drain, while she vowed she would show tolerance every time she finds the toilet seat up).

For the reception they chose the elegant and exclusive Yale Club. The place looked striking, with its rooftop with magnificent city views for cocktail hour and the majestic yet intimate Grand Ballroom featuring 20-feet high ceilings and ornate walls. The neoclassical design, modern amenities from the recent renovation, warmth and understated elegance make this spot a prime New York venue, just a few steps away from Grand Central Station (an iconic NY location where I shot a few portraits of the bride and groom). 

Weddings are actually about moments, not poses.  And there were a lot of moments: Enrique’s second live piano performance (he's so incredibly talented!), the mad dancing, and the original speeches from family and friends.

Enrique and Talia, thank you for choosing me to photograph your big day.  We've already met a couple times since the wedding, and I'm excited to have you as new friends!

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