Top 9 Epic NYC Photoshoot Locations To Include For Your Wedding Photography Shot List

If you’ve been or are planning to hold your wedding in New York, you probably already know it’s a quest to see it all (even if you live here) —more so, when you have a taste for the perfectly curated event.

“Even residents of this scenic American metropolis admit to have not seen everything!”

As one of the world’s largest wedding locations, New York City offers unique photoshoot opportunities: big moments, natural color, gorgeous light and anything in between.

Fusing breathtaking landscapes and remarkable architecture to incredible effect, and thus, availing the ideal platform for a photographer to capitalize on the sceneries to document your wedding.

So, get ready to be inspired with this ultimate NYC photography guide and make the most of the city’s catalog of unique backgrounds and historic surroundings that will not disappoint.

NYC Wedding Photography

For some popular photoshoot locations in NYC, you’ll need to obtain a shooting permit. Accordingly, that’s one consideration you should include in your preparation checklist because it comes at a price or may require inside knowledge if not connections.

And while it’s possible to slot in more than one photoshoot location on a single day, you’d also want to see to it they’re close enough distance-wise to avoid scrambling to beat the clock.

Your wedding photographer should be resourceful in balancing time allocation to efficiently cover your desired locations.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is among the best wedding photography NYC locations if you’re looking to have fantastic wedding images of the East River and the Manhattan Skyline.

Be sure to check out the considerable number of boardwalks along the river as you sample the unique view of lower Manhattan.

Aside from the Brooklyn Park, another notable wedding photography shots location is the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges!

The Brooklyn Bridge is a highly regarded landmark in NYC that you’re not to miss. This historic bridge is renowned for being made of iconic bricks and for its remarkably gorgeous views of the Lower Manhattan skyline and the equally stunning connector to possibly NYC’s hippest boroughs...Brooklyn of course!

NYC Wedding Photography Tip: The Brooklyn Bridge is markedly busy at fairly all hours of the day. According to Tripsavvy, over 4,000 people cross the NYC landmark on any particular day!

So, your wedding photographer may advise you to arrive 30 minutes before sunrise—not only to catch the city lights twinkling at daybreak but also to take advantage of fewer crowds in the vicinity.

Depending on the size of your wedding party and the type of photography gear, permits are mostly just a formality, although it’s a good idea for you to submit your request a few weeks in advance.

Jane’s Carousel

After taking engagement photos on the Brooklyn Bridge, you can then stroll down into Brooklyn and have your romantic wedding shots taken at Jane’s Carousel –a favorite spot especially with the NYC skyline providing the radiance, and the background view of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

“Because a wedding day is such a special event, why not let loose, enjoy every second, and put aside your inhibitions.”

A few tweaks to the rules restrict wedding photographers from certain shots. But that only applies when you’re unwilling to foot the photo permit bill.

Paying the hourly stipend lifts all barricades and likewise closes off the Carousel for your use—allowing you to take photos inside the ride.

For booking and inquiries include filling an online form in your bucket list.

Central Park

An obvious pick when you’re looking for a romantic wedding photoshoot location in NYC. But with so many “sweet spots” in Central Park, where exactly would you consider the best place for your wedding shots? Let’s narrow down to a select few locations in the park:
Bethesda Fountain and Terrace Arcade
Perhaps you’ve already seen the fantastic wedding images of epic archway shots fronting a stone staircase on Pinterest—well, some of the #newyorkcitydestinationweddingphotos hashtag locations might have been taken at Bethesda Terrace Arcade.

To have your wedding photoshoot at this beautiful, romantic and iconic spot, you should submit your photo permit request either online or email this PDF form to

For any other inquiries, you can also use the same email for support.

Most importantly, three days minimum advance notice is required to film. Again, the authorities do not permit production in the garden during the weekend or holidays. And honestly, most of the time weddings can get away with taking photos there without a permit. 

Although a favorite spot for tourists, an experienced photographer should have no trouble making the area look virtually devoid of people except for the couple, even on crowded days.

If you would like to avoid tourists, it makes perfect sense to plan your wedding photos in Central Park on off-days or off-hours to make the most of the scenic park!

Conservatory Garden

Perhaps my favorite part of Central Park, the conservatory garden requires a permit, but will give you a private and beautiful space for photos.  The permit for photos is usually 1 hour.  And yes, they are strict here!

This iconic garden is located across the street from the Museum of the City of NY.  And you can use the garden for your ceremony, family photos, and bridal party portraits!  

Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo is an outdoor wedding gem located in New York City. This serene oasis in the center of Manhattan affords you and your bridal party an unforgettable location with exotic animals to hold the most memorable wedding experience.

“Great photographers understand they can only capture some of the best photos when least expected.”

Some of your guests will enjoy exploring the grounds while others may attempt to relate with the animals. But, in each case, all will be absorbing the aura of the expansive city or keenly studying the architectural landmarks in the comforts of the private zoo.

Yet, you can rest assured of one thing—every memory, every gasp or awe-inspiring moment will find a place in your wedding album.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

There’s something immensely romantic about wedding photos in a garden. But here’s the thing: while your wedding garden venue helps you celebrate your love, the colorful flowers, lush greenery and gorgeous sceneries have that natural ability to make you relax too.

This touch of nature makes the somewhat uncommon  experience of having your photos taken feel so organic.

Plus, if you choose the warm weather months, the flowers will likely be in bloom, meaning you won’t have much use for added décor.

For a couple looking for romantic pre-wedding photoshoot locations in NYC, Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers an idyllic environment almost all year round.

Most of all, you’ll have the benefit of seasonal blooms across the garden’s expansive acreage, including cherry blossoms during the spring (April to May).

Apart from that, an experienced wedding photographer can make the most of areas such as the Water Garden, Herb Garden, the Rose Garden, and Rock Garden to document your wedding.

“For an experienced photographer, being prepared for the spectacular,coupled with an “eye” for the unexpected will produce magic.”

That means you can take beautiful photos with an abundance of colorful, manicured backdrops, befitting your style in the confines of the dazzling spaces.

There’s also the magnificent Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden—notable for plants such as wisterias and azaleas, and the Shakespeare Garden is another available option with diverse plant species. 

Else, if you’d want to opt for an indoor wedding reception venue, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Palm House is incidentally home to a myriad of nature pavilions. Theirindoor landscapes provide similar flora and fauna experiences.

Here, you’ll also find an air-conditioned environment that protects you from the weather elements during your wedding.Better yet, most of the flowers and plants found in the indoor conservatories are generally not accessible around NYC—that affords your wedding photoshoot a surreal semblance.

For additional alternatives, it’s worth checking out the Desert Pavilion, Tropical Pavilion, the Bonsai Museum, alongside the Warm-Temperate Pavilion, and Aquatic House.

These are places within the Brooklyn Botanical Garden a photographer who knows the ropes will have fun capturing your wedding images.

Depending on the number of attendees, Brooklyn Botanic Garden requires your photographer to secure a permit to take wedding photos at least a week in advance.

Riverside Park

Enjoy a romantic NYC stroll on this four-mile stretch of greenery, renowned for its vibrant blooms both in the spring and summer. Because it receives significantly less traffic than the city’s other parks, it affords a couple a slice of delightful solitude to enhance the romance score of NYC wedding photo shoots.

With an endowment of scenic little coves and magnificent backdrops for a couple’s photos, it would be difficult to make a false move. Not to mention, a photographer can take advantage of the beautiful Brownstones in the nearby Riverside Drive and adjacent side streets to capture stunning photos of the couple and wedding party.

Showcase Your Love With NYC Wedding Day Photos in SoHo

Are you looking for romantic NYC wedding photos with some suave? Without a doubt, pictures taken throughout SoHo are a fail-proof strategy to add just the right touches.

This locality hosts a multitude of luxury stores, cobblestone streets, and fancy boutiques alongside the intricate NYC architecture. Indeed, SoHo is a wedding photoshoot location full of personality.

When photographing a couple in this captivating section of the city, a photographer will take it down a notch, while urging the bridal party to stroll down the streets to discover landmark spots in the locality. Maybe stopping to grab a coffee, or picking up a bouquet of flowers from a local shop.

Alternatively, it makes perfect sense to set out for a prearranged favorite hotel, local café or restaurant and sample the exquisite diversity the setting affords you within a wedding in SoHo, New York.

While many people laud the NoMo SoHo for its all-round allure, Mercer Street is on the other hand known for showcasing an array of cobblestones and artistic staircases. Additionally, Balthazar is the place to be for eats and images.

As you can see, the possibilities in these chic surroundings are virtually limitless.

Queens Botanical Garden

For your special day, savor the unique settings of the elegant Queens Botanical Gardens and explore its beauty. As one of NYC’s most romantic locations, QBG is an enticing location to document wedding day and reception photoshoot sessions.

Flush with intimate spots, Queens Botanical Gardens adds to your photoshoot by accentuating the natural floral visuals of the wedding.

From exclusive areas framed in flowering plants, to wood bridges, and even a gazebo cordoned off by a beautiful white picket fence, you’ll definitely have something to help you make your special day a memorable one.

What’s more, the Wedding Garden subtly blends core aspects of Eastern and Western garden layout, evoking the polished elegance of the Victorian era.

This provides for breathtakingly beautiful scenes only matched by you and your select bridal party. QBG, therefore, lays the groundwork and provides the opportunity for a photographer to impose a photography style and capture countless images of the bridal party.

For bookings and permit inquiries, you can contact the QBG events department at


For an out-of-the-box experience, why not schedule an entire wedding shot list session covering photo spots in NYC on a helicopter ride...with the doors off! (if you dare)

Kick your feet over the side and let the camera capture the adrenaline rush as you traverse incredible locations in New York City.

With the benefit of helicopter hire and a penchant for the not so ordinary on your part, a photographer can document amazing shots—whether that’s panoramic aerial images of Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, select scenes of Lower Manhattan, and even the Statue of Liberty.

Here, wedding photographers of high pedigree capitalize on their specialized gear to focus their zoom lenses on a subject—with the breathtaking sights in the background—capturing unforgettable images.

Pinning Down the Best Location for Your Romantic NYC Wedding Photoshoot

By now, it should be relatively clear that NYC offers an abundance of timeless, romantic venues and locations to cater to your wedding photography needs.

Naturally, the next question should be: What’s the best NYC wedding day photo location for you?

To answer that it would require the photographer to consider the localities that may mean the most to you. Perhaps it could be for sentimental purposes, like in the case where you and your loved one had the first date, or probably a place where you had your proposal.

If you are taking the photos on your wedding day, keep in mind location and convenience are super important too.

Regardless of the reasoning behind your choice, wedding photographers in NYC should take into account what the location means to you.

Truth be told: New York City has ample romantic options to suit any couple’s taste, as well as create a meaningful experience for your immediate family members, bridal party, and guests.

With such considerably diverse options to choose from, it’s understandable if you’re finding it challenging to pick a location for your wedding photoshoot. In fact, you could be considering having photo sessions in multiple locations. 

Many couples realize how crucial it is to have a professional photographer help them achieve their wedding photography objectives.

With all that said, don’t over complicate things.  Using your venue, or locations near your wedding reception venue is often the best idea!

Notably, you’ll need a photographer with a mastery of different photography styles to document your wedding from many diverse locations—and for this reason, who you decide on during the wedding planning process becomes increasingly critical.

Let’s Meet and Talk Photography

A significant number of photographers will work from a shot list — a predetermined catalog of must-capture wedding day images that most couples emphasize to help them remember their wedding day the way they’d like.

“It’s during the unexpected moments, not on any shot list, that a photographer really gets to capture the most endearing images full of raw emotion.”

Thus, a wedding photographer will latch onto these special moments. Even though they may not always happen, yet when they do, they’re sure to make absolute magic in your wedding day photos.

Whether a photographer takes the images in Central Park, the numerous lush gardens, nooks and coves, or atop a vantage point overlooking the signature Empire State Building—NYC wedding photography is a dream for any couple.

A skilled photographer has the tools and ability to make your wedding day meaningful and magical. Are you ready to reach out for help styling and planning your epic NYC wedding photos? I’d love to help!  Contact me today to bring your vision into reality!