About Steven Young - "One of the Top 20 NYC Wedding Photographers"

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • "I don't want the standard, generic staged wedding photos.  I want pictures that are candid, alive, and artistic. "
  • "I want to preserve our memories with photos that capture the energy and the emotion of my wedding."
  • "I want my parents and future family to enjoy my wedding pictures just as much as I do"
  • "This is the only tangible item we take with us once the big day is over, so my photography and capturing real moments is the most important thing next to the vows themselves"
  • "This is the only time I'll have so many special people gathered together, so I'm looking for someone to capture all those details and moments that my fiancé and I will miss"

If so, you've come to the right place.

Hi, I'm Steven Young, founder of STAK Studios, and I capture authentic, original wedding photos that get better with age so you can enjoy forever. 

After photographing hundreds of weddings in NYC at many of the best reception venues, and weddings on four different continents and some unforgettable experiences in remote places like Mongolia, Thailand, India, and Belgium, I've learned the secrets of photographing weddings in every situation. 

I'm here to tell your story, capture your emotions, and document the behind the scenes photos.  Photograph the real story of your wedding.  I'm your wedding photojournalist.


  • Waking up in 20 years, opening your wedding album, and reliving all the emotion and the joy that you felt that night.
  • Having friends and family see your pictures and talk about how it was the best wedding they ever attended.
  • Never having to regret about whether or not you chose the right photographer.

You'll enjoy being photographed and have fun while doing so.  I'm here to help you look your best.  I'm here to keep you calm when things get stressful.  And I'm here to allow you to enjoy your day, without worrying about your photography. 

Are you ready to make it happen? 

Here's what to do next:  Contact me to see if I'm available, and if I am, I'll share some information so we can begin this journey together...