About The STAK-Booth

The STAK-Booth!

The STAK-Booth is a fresh, modern take on the old school photo booth. Forget about the days of the cramped photo booth where you could fit one, maybe two, of your best friends in a photo. With the STAK-Booth’s open air design, you can do that and invite the entire family, wedding party, office or just use all that extra space for yourself.

  • Super fast turnaround. Your photos will be online and available to download within 48 hours and almost always within 24.
  • Prints! I'm about much more than just digital. While digital files are nice and flexible, there is something about holding a physical print in your hand. The STAK-Booth can print, and you also won’t have to wait around for your prints. After approving a picture for printing, it will be ready to walk away with in 8-10 seconds.
  • Live view. You can see what your photo will look like before the picture is taken. An onscreen countdown makes sure you are ready and if you are getting prints, you have the option to approve the picture for printing or nix it and try again.
  • Professional image quality, studio lighting. The STAK-Booth employs professional studio lighting and a top-of-the-line printer to ensure that your prints and digital files are of exceptional quality.
  • Compact elegance. The STAK-Booth is not clunky and does not have a large foot print. That means I can almost always find a space for it. An ideal space would be a room with ceilings at least 10 feet tall with a space that is 12 feet wide and eight feet deep. I’ll work with you or your wedding planner to find the perfect combination of space and location to maximize the fun.

Can you customize the prints or booth graphics to match my event’s style or message?

Definitely. The prints from every wedding will feature custom graphics. If you would like a logo or some other type of graphic, I ask that you provide a high-resolution file to incorporate into your custom setup.  If you need specifics on the file requirements, don’t hesitate to contact me for more details.

Are prints included?

Prints are included for an additional cost. The base package of the STAK-Booth is an all-digital package, which allows your guests to download images from an event gallery within 48 hours. If you do opt for the print option (4x6 prints), you will not be limited in terms of how many prints you can make.

How can guests view and share photos?

Within 48 hours after an event, photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where guests can view the images.  With the print option, there will be tiny text with information telling your guests where they can find their photos.

Is it ok if we bring props?

Certainly! If you have props you’d like to use feel free to bring them!

How many people can fit inside the booth?

Trick question? While I call it The STAK-Booth, it’s not actually a booth. It’s what they call an open air booth. The nice thing about my booth is you are not limited to the two or three people like a standard booth. I’ve had over a dozen people fit into a single photo.

Will there be someone taking care of the STAK-Booth?

Yes. Each wedding comes with a knowledgeable booth attendant who can handle any issues that arise with the system and who is skilled at bringing your guests into the booth.

Where should we set up the STAK-Booth?

The STAK-Booth should be setup somewhere near the dance floor, bar area or in the same room as the reception. Having it setup in adjacent or different room will have an impact on how many pictures are taken and how often it's used. It would be ideal to be able to setup the backdrop against a wall.

How much space does the STAK-Booth require?

Good question! Since my standard backdrops are nine feet wide, a space of at least 12 feet is required. The booth then sits about 6-8 feet out from the backdrop. An ideal space would be something that is 12 feet wide and eight feet deep.

How do I reserve the booth for my next event?

Email me your date and details to find out about availability.  Thanks!