Before & After (Behind the Scenes of My Post-Processing)

Since every photo after your wedding is edited, I thought it would be helpful if I illustrate the stages your images go through, as they transform from Straight Out Of The Camera to Proofs to Finished Album Prints.

1st STEP - This is where your image begins, the second I press that button on my camera. Nobody actually sees the image in this stage, but this is where it all starts.

2nd STEP - Proofing Stage: All your images are individually retouched, color corrected, tonal adjustments, and converted to JPG. 

3rd STEP - Finished Images: This is where the magic happens, and I go that extra mile to make sure your images are the best they can look.  I will remove blemishes, even out skin tones, dodge & burn, apply selective color/contrast adjustments, sharpen, and make sure your photos are ready to be printed.

(click on the image to the right to see the different steps)

To the right, we have one of my favorite reception photos from Nora and Ari's Wedding.  I love this moment because of the guitar player jamming, Nora & Ari's happiness, and Ari's brother and dad in the middle of the frame applauding. As you can see, the original file had all the key elements to make this a great photo, but a little fine tuning, cropping, and brightening/darkening key parts of the photos really makes the final image print worthy. 

(click on the image to the right to see the different steps)

Here's another example of the editing process with this photo from Raj's wedding morning.  I love this photo, because it's a subtle moment in the morning that could often get overlooked, but as he was washing his face, the water hitting his skin really turned into a visually stunning moment.  

Here's one of my favorite scenes from Erin and Andrea's wedding reception.  This was as they are cutting the cake, and you can see this photo in all of it's stages.  Notice how the original photo had the correct composition and all the elements of a great photo, but the lighting was fixed in post processing to make the image really stand out. 

As a reminder, the 1st image is straight out of the camera, exactly how it looks when I download the file.  The 2nd image is after using Lightroom.  And the 3rd image is after using Photoshop.