Albums (updated 2024)

Once the wedding is over, your dress will be packed away and the cake and flowers will be gone. You deserve to have your story preserved in a truly original way so you can relive it over and over again for a lifetime. 

Imagine yourself ten or fifteen years down the marriage road, when you are away from your spouse and reminiscing on how happy you and your family were celebrating your wedding night.  Because technology is always changing, that laptop, website, or iPad that you uploaded your photos to may not be around anymore, so it could be a painstaking process of digging up the files that has your wedding photos. Or you could simply reach for your coffee table and grab that wonderful wedding album in your hands. As you turn each page, the photos take you back in time to the day when you tied the knot with your soul mate. 

Just like my wedding photos, I'm continually pushing the envelope and challenging myself to design books that redefine quality and style. 

1) Technology is always changing

What's here today, won't be here tomorrow. That iPad that you loaded all your images in is great to show off today, but in 10 years, that iPad won't be around anymore. And it's difficult to manage and keep up with digital files and transfer pictures all the time. Your handmade album will last forever.

2) Wedding Albums Are Fun To Look At

A wedding album is not just for you and your spouse to enjoy. The sheer excitement and happiness of viewing an album full of memorable photos can be shared with each and every single member of your family and friends. They will be as touched by these photos as you. Could you imagine how wonderful it would be for your mother, father, siblings and cousins to sit on the ground close together and go over the fantastic shots from your wedding day? It’s remarkable how something as simple as an album can bond the family together.

3) Wedding Albums Are Time Travel Machines

50 years from now, you will be blessed with grandchildren who will be very eager to know more about your colourful history. In such a situation, a wedding album can serve as the perfect relic from your glorious past. You can ask you grandchildren to sit down with you and your spouse, and take a look at some of the most important days of your life. They can see what mom, dad, and their grandparents were wearing that day.  Your beautiful past will come alive for your grandchildren through these pictures.

4) Handmade Albums for the Perfect Touch

Human senses are intertwined with one another. The albums I offer can be made with Japanese silk, linen, and European free-range leather covers. This makes holding the album in your hands an idyllic experience in itself. These covers add to your sense of touch and thus intensify your nostalgia and inner jubilation. Perhaps silk, linen, and leather are materials that are strongly reminiscent of the materials used in the decor of your wedding stage. Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel those materials caress your hands once again as you dive into an ocean full of memories?

5) Handcraftsmanship

Making albums is a work of art, and like any other form of art, albums are all about representing the perfect harmony between the latest in fashion and the best in old world artisan crafts.  There are no large machines nor computer controlled assembly lines making your albums, just generations of artisan craftsmanship. These albums are all hand crafted, and anything that’s made with love and care by the hands of an artist, will most certainly help you to associate it with a sense of permanence and gleeful nostalgia.

6) The Best Way to Present Photos

If you had to put your wedding photos on display, then the album is by far the best choice. The idea of showing your wedding pictures to another person on your laptop screen does not sound too appealing now, does it? Also, you can’t have your precious wedding photos stuffed inside a sealed bag or cardboard box stored in the attic. There is no better way to present photos than through an album.  In your album, you get to show off everything from your getting ready, the details, to the end of the night.  With finger-print proof pages, only a custom, hand-made album can preserve the marvel and charm of each and every single chapter of your day.

7) Customization

You always have the option of adding your own personal touch to the albums. My job is to take your pictures and present them to you in a manner that keeps the integrity of your story in tact.  And together, we will work on the final picture selection and the placement of your pictures, along with the clean design that surrounds it and beautifies it.

8) Visual Storytelling

There is more to an album than simply capturing the moments and keeping it stored in paper. An album is as much of a storyteller as a fairytale book. What’s special about albums is that the stories are about you. This is the story about your life, the start of your new family, your emotions and your loved ones.  

9) Albums Are Wonderful Gifts

Perhaps you already have a wedding album and you want your family or friends to experience the same delight that you did with your album. All you have to do is gift them an album of their wedding photos on their birthday or their anniversary. This is something that you could particularly gift to your parents, who would love nothing more in this world than to see their children preserving their enchanting past in a wonderfully compiled album. This is your opportunity to appease your parents and return some of their countless favours upon you.

10) An Emblem of Your Existence

It is human nature to leave behind something with which we can be fondly remembered. A wedding album will act as an emblem of your life and times. It will give you an opportunity to enshrine your history permanently and immortalize the joyous, breathtaking and mesmerizing moments from your wedding day.

It is never too late or early to start thinking about a wedding album. Don’t count on social media and cardboard boxes to keep your precious photos safe. Preserve you wedding photos in an album and buckle up for the long, happy journey of a married life ahead of you.