Episode 3 - How to not feel overwhelmed before your wedding (and Other wedding planning secrets)

What does it take to plan a successful wedding? How can you avoid typical pitfalls and common mistakes that many couples make? On this episode of STAK TV, I sit down with Sonal Shah of SJS Events to go over KEY elements that make up a successful wedding day. You’ll hear us discuss how to pick out vendors, venues and much more! This is an in depth and detailed episode that you don’t want to miss! Make sure you have pen and paper near by – there are several tips that you’ll want to check out later.

[0:03] Steven's introduction to this episode of STAK TV!
[1:10] Sonal Shah joins the episode.
[3:42] How do you plan an amazing wedding?
[4:12] Something to avoid doing while planning.
[7:00] How many months do you need to plan a wedding?
[8:00] Key things to look for when choosing a wedding planner
[10:20] Sonal Shares a memory of working with me. 
[11:25] Her rules for picking a vendor
[14:25] Sonal talks about balancing value and knowing what's important to you.
[16:32] What do you need to look out for when picking a wedding venue?
[21:03] How to avoid being stressed out before your wedding.
[22:00] Parting words and how to contact Sonal. 

Resources from this episode:
Sonal's Website SJS Events
Meghna and Harish's Wedding

Episode 2 - A Detailed Personal Training Blueprint (Excercises To Help You Look Your Best Before The Wedding)

Not sure if you have time to excercise to get into shape before your wedding? Are you intimidated by the thought of going to the gym? This episode of STAK TV will help change your perspective! You’ll hear expert advice from a personal trainer here in NYC.  Learn from Blair as he shares his workout advice and how he has helped many couples plan and prepare their workouts before their wedding day – don’t miss it!

[0:03] Steven's introduction to this episode of STAK TV!
[1:00] Blair joins the show and shares his story, the cliff notes version.
[2:39] Blair saves the day and helps a man hop over the fence and get onto the track.
[4:45] His best advice on what type of training to do to burn more calories after your workout.
[5:50] Which excercises take up the most energy? 
[6:56] Finding the best nutrition and diet to go along with your workout plan.
[7:45] A healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner option.  
[12:35] How you can both stay motivated together during a workout.
[13:40] Blair shows off some examples of the best excercises to do. 
[16:10] What should you do if you only have a few minutes to workout?
[19:29] The key foods to avoid eating before your wedding.
[19:50] Parting words and ways to contact Blair!

Resources from this episode:

Blair's Personal Training Business: Bond6
Whole Foods Diet

Episode 1 - Advice On How to Plan A Beautiful Wedding And Avoid Common Mistakes

This is the very first episode of STAK TV and we will discuss with Vikram Panicker from Elegant Affairs all the ins and outs of designing your wedding.  He covers topics like choosing colors, infusing your personality into your wedding, working with raw spaces, and more! Make sure you have your pen and paper ready for this informative episode!

Outline of this episode: 

[0:03] Steven's introduction to this episode of STAK TV!
[1:25] Vikram Panicker joins the show.
[2:15] Vikram talks about how to make a great wedding design and all the elements that go into that
[4:17] Things to avoid doing.
[5:00] How you could infuse your own personality into your wedding design.
[6:40] What if you are working with a smaller budget?
[8:10] A great tip for choosing your lighting colors.
[9:39] On picking flowers.
[14:18] The best places to find your wedding inspiration
[16:00] Vikram talks about the exciting ways you can design a tent wedding

Resources from this episode:

Elegant Affairs
Elegant Affairs' Instagram Page
Grace Ormonde
Harper's Bazaar
Maharani Weddings
Inside Weddings