Can You See Why So Many Couples Just Like You Booked STAK Studios?

Ashley + Miles

Ashley and Miles share their unique perspective on working with me as they got a chance to see me 2 weeks in a row (1 week as guests at a wedding, and then the next week for their wedding at Brooklyn Winery).  

Andina + Anthony

Jenine + Craig

Jenine and Craig remininse about working together for their wedding at Madison Beach Hotel.  

Sasha + Jordan

Tayana + Peter

Tayana and Peter share the story about how they met and then talk about what it was like to be photographed by me during their wedding on the Hudson River. 

Elizabeth + Rob

Elizabeth and Rob sit down and recap their wedding with me!  

Jen + Phil

Jen and Phil share some memories about their wedding at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and speak about how they decided to work with Steven. 

Kristin + Aaron

Kristin and Aaron share their experience on hiring and working with me

Mei + Ed

Mei and Ed recap their Bowery Hotel wedding and talk about their STAK-Booth and experience with me. 

Tamar + Ben

Tamar and Ben recap their decision on hiring me for their wedding at the Museum of the City of NY.  

Ann + Sophie

Essel + Chris

Essel and Chris talk about their wedding at Jericho Terrace and their experience working with Steven. 

Jessie + Justin

Jessie and Justin share some insight while catching up after their wedding...

Laura + Charlie

Laura and Charlie share their thoughts on working together after seeing their wedding photos from Stony Hill Inn:

Lisa + Cameron

Melanie + Alexander

Michelle + Tyler

Peggy + Barry

Stefanie + Chris | Liberty House, NJ

Stefanie and Chris talk about their experience of working with me during their engagement session and wedding at Liberty House

Bari + Alex

Bari and Alex share their experience of working with me on wedding and engagement photos.

Connie + James

Elizabeth + Joe

Enrique + Talia

Enrique and Talia recap their wedding photos from Yale Club NYC. 

Heather + Rahul

Michelle + Joel | New York

Michelle and Joel talk about why they hired me and talk about their wedding photos at Tribeca Rooftop

Rong + Karol

Rong and Karol share their wedding experience with me:

Beth + Casey | New York

"As someone who works heavily in the art & design world, and a photographer myself, my highest priority with our wedding planning was finding a very talented and unique photographer. Recommended to us by a friend, STAK's portfolio blew the doors off any other photographer I could find in the NYC area! We immediately set up a meeting with Steven and he couldn't have been nicer. To be totally honest, the only thing that we were a little hesitant about was their price - it was a little out of our budget. After some thought, we realized that the photos would be the only tangible thing we'd be walking away with at the end of the day, and that of all the elements that go into a wedding, photography was not the one to pinch pennies on.

After seeing Steven in action wedding day and all of the amazing shots he got, it was obvious we had made the right decision! Our wedding day was a whirlwind of almost 200 people, and somehow Steven was able to capture it all - he was EVERYWHERE! Him and his assistants truly went above and beyond my expectations (which were already very high)!

A couple months after our wedding, Steven had us come back to his studio for our premiere on the big screen - it was the greatest finale you could ask for to his absolutely amazing service!

I really can't recommend STAK enough! As far as I'm concerned, there's STAK, and then there's everyone else."

Debra + Denby | Rye, NY

"Choosing STAK as our photographers for our wedding was definitely one of the best decisions we made. Before we met with Steven, I was moved to tears browsing the website. I couldn't believe I had such emotion from looking at pictures of strangers. I knew I wanted our special day documented in that way. STAK Studios exceeded all of our expectations and we felt so lucky that we found them. Steven caught some special moments where I didn't even know he was nearby. The first (and 2nd and 3rd) time I saw our pictures, I cried. I don't think there is another photographer out there who would have shot our wedding day like this. Steven really went out of his way to make us feel special, and there were many personal touches involved in the process, which were greatly appreciated. I would HIGHLY recommend STAK for your wedding. These pictures last a lifetime and you will be grateful you found Steven for your photographer, just as we were."

Barbara + Aash | New Jersey

"I just got married this past holiday week and havent even seen the pics yet, and dont care. i know they are gonna be amazing. The STAK team are truly amazing at what they do. After seeing many friends get married and being so unhappy with there boring pictures I new and felt the most important part of the evening besides the bride was the pictures. These are going to stay with us forever!! Steven met with us and made me feel very comfortable, he is down to earth and loves what he does.  I am a control freak and was in charge of everything happen at my wedding down to every little detail, I wanted to make sure my guests had an unforgettable party, however when it came to STAK i told them the date and said see you there. I left the pictures completely up to them. I have yet to see them produce something un-incredible. I left every picture decision up to them.

Everyone was impressed including the other venders. they didnt ask anyone to stop or smile or hold a pose. they just stayed in the back round and shot everything from our first kiss to us in our undies getting ready. they did what ever they had to to get a shot. and i think steve's signature picture move is sliding across the middle of the dance floor when he sees something taking place. i wish they could have put the cameras down to come join us on the dance floor for a bit, but they were focused.

If pictures are important to you, then you need not go any further. I would recommend STAK Studios to anyone and feel they should have more recognition. they love what they do and do it better then anyone else i have seen."

Lara + Michael | New York

"All I can say is, WOW! Last night, my husband and I went to Steven's studio's to see the photos for the first time and we were blown away. Working with Steven was the best decision we made. Not only is he the nicest guy and a joy to work with and be around, but he takes incredible photographs! He captured every emotion from each person throughout the entire evening. Not only that, but his work tells a story. When we looked at our photos, we not only were able to see the action, but people's reaction to the moment. We will keep these photos for the rest of our lives and we have Steven to thank for making them so incredible."

Jackie + Juan | Puerto Rico

"We first saw Stak at work at my friend's wedding (Tina + Ajay) about a year and a half ago. I couldn't get over how energetic and fun they were. They seemed to be everywhere and people just fed off of their energy and the reception just went to another level. When we saw the actual photos we were just blown away at how they captured every single thing that happened, every expression and emotion from multiple angles! I knew that they had to be our wedding photographers, I'd figure out a way to get them to Puerto Rico for our wedding.

Last November we had our engagement shoot in Central Park, it was a lot of fun and a great way to start a relationship with them, once our wedding day came along it felt like we had friends shooting our wedding, not strangers which just made it so much easier to just relax and be ourselves. Our families were so impressed with them, that was all they talked about for days after the wedding!

We just viewed all our wedding photos this past Monday, Steven prepared a beautiful slideshow set to music that fit our wedding perfectly. I cried like I hadn't at our wedding and by the end of the slideshow I felt we had relived our wedding day, I was exhausted from our party all over again!

We are so incredibly happy with our photos, we could not have asked for anything more, we are just sorry we don't get to hang out with our photographers anymore, maybe we can get married again just so they can shoot it?

It is amazing to find people who love their job this much and who care as much about your day as you do, I feel so lucky to have found STAK Studios and you will too."

Katy + Gary | New York

"Hiring STAK Studios to photograph our wedding was probably the best decision my husband and I made in the entire planing process. From our first meeting with Steven (where he was nice enough to answer all our questions and talk to us for hours!), we were blown away by his work and his ability to capture the real emotion of the day in his images.

When we asked about the possibility of shooting our engagement photos at our favorite spot in Philadelphia, other NY photographers weren't sure if they could accommodate that request. Not STAK... he jumped at the chance to photograph us in a location that was very special to us.

Both our engagement photo shoot and wedding day were perfectly documented. Several guests at the reception commented on how Steven seemed to be everywhere at once... never missing a moment. When we received our final photos, that certainly proved true! My husband and I couldn't be happier with STAK Studio's work, and we both felt they covered every possible shot we could ever want.

Perhaps most importantly, we felt Steven really cared about our experience and worked his hardest to capture our memories and emotions from that day, and he certainly succeeded."

Jane + Jay | New York

"I would highly recommend STAK Studios.

Steven is extremely responsive and took the time to get to know us as a couple. He was also very transparent is laying out all the package options available for us to choose from.

On the our wedding day, Steve was all over the place, snapping away, probably took thousands of pictures to capture the story of our wedding. The shots he took were a combination of romance, fun, thoughtfulness, and just very natural, happy shots with remarkable framing. The STAK-booth was also a huge success, it definitely prompted our guests to do some crazy fun things at the photobooth.

After our wedding, Steve sent us a great preview picture that got us very excited. He kept us posted by blogging a series of photos captured from various parts of the day. And during the wedding photo premier party, it was such a joy to go over all the pictures and re-live our wedding day again at STAK's studio on big screen over a bottle of champagne. Steve is also a genius in selecting the right photos arranged in a thoughtful layout in making a storyboard of our wedding in a beautiful photo album.

We are so incredibly glad and privileged to have STAK Studios be part of our special day."

Ashley + Jason | Jersey City


Stephanie + Julian

Stephanie and Julian reminisce about their wedding at Sand Castle...