The 3 Best Engagement Session Locations in NYC (updated for 2024)

New York is an extremely popular tourist destination but it carries all the more meaning to the people who met, fell in love, got engaged and decided to spend their life together here. In those moments, the need for a great wedding photographer becomes apparent - a photographer who can connect with you on a personal level to tell your unique story.

When choosing the location for your engagement session, I always tell people to start with their favorite spot when they were dating:  a place they will always associate with those first moments of hopeful anticipation, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling of anxious yet smitten certainty in the person you have just come across and instinctively know you want to spend the rest of your life with. Pictures are memories that don't fade away.  They are a material representation of the feelings that gives meaning to our lives.

Shooting in New York is as hectic, vibrant, and beautiful as the city itself.  Certain locations have a certain timeless allure or "cool factor" that makes them perfect for engagement photos. Allow this list to give you an idea of which ones work best and which ones you would want to avoid when you're planning a professional photoshoot.

The High Line and Meatpacking District

A piece of historic relevance is nestled right in the heart of the bustling Manhattan metropolis. The High Line - a deserted and charmingly unkempt train line - is one of the most popular destinations for engagement photo sessions and wedding portraits for its industrial appeal and extraordinary landscape. The old railroad trestle boasts a wonderful self-seeded look and design.  And below the high line is the Meatpacking District, filled with urban landscapes, cobblestone streets, and colorful art which is ideal for couples enthralled by the urban beat of the city. 

Another option: If you want an urban look, the East Village and Lower East side are also GREAT options. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park (DUMBO)

If it was important enough to land its own part on HBO's hit show Sex and the City, then it will be great for your engagement photos as well. If you are looking for great historic views of NYC and the iconic bridges, this park in DUMBO, Brooklyn offers the best panoramic views of the New York skyline.  And when in DUMBO, we can take a 10 minute walk to the other side of town and find graffiti murals filled with color to add a nice touch of variety to your photos. 

Central Park

Parks have always been and always will be a popular location for engagement sessions and wedding day portraits. There is something about open places and lush green scenery that attracts people looking for a casual, yet elegant vibe of outdoor photography. And what better place than the classic New York spot that has single-handedly brought together more couples than any bar? Add to that the romantic charm of the fountain of Bethesda Terrace and voilá - you've got yourself an idyllic location to commemorate the most important moment of your life. If you are choosing Central Park, I would recommend a 2 hour session to make sure there’s enough time to wander and get lost in the endless number of paths we can take. 

New York is big and overwhelming; blink and you may miss life - such is the pace here. 

I will be happy to do a fun engagement session, trash-the-dress, day after session, or even an exploration session to get a feel of what you're looking for and how I can best realize your vision. Exploring the city together means I become a part of your experience, so you can have dreamy engagement photos to look back on!